About the archaeological fish-bone images collection

The collection contains images of selected diagnostic anatomical elements from fish taxa commonly found on archaeological sites in the Sydney region, supplemented by taxa of the same family or genus from elsewhere where modern reference skeletons of Sydney taxa were not readily available. Scientific terminology and common names follow the Australian Museum Fish Site. Coding for taxa and anatomical parts were devised by Sarah Colley as part of the Sydney Fish Project archaeological research project. The taxonomy of modern specimens in the Australian National University and University of Sydney reference collections was copied from current collection catalogues. No attempt has been made to verify their accuracy at this stage. Archaeological specimens were matched against examples available in the Australian National University and University of Sydney reference collections, which do not currently contain every possible fish taxon from the Sydney region. Where no exact match could be found the taxon has been classified as 'unknown' at this stage. Some identifications of archaeological specimens are tentative at this stage. A publication further explaining the project and the archive, including possible future developments, is currently in progress.

Presentation of the collection is a partnership initiative of the University of Sydney Library and Dr. Sarah Colley, to support archaeological research. Digitisation was funded under the University of Sydney Faculty of Arts Research Support Scheme. Dr. Sarah Colley created and described the content, and additional content was also provided by the Australian National University. Russell Workman photographed the physical specimens. Rowan Brownlee created the site, using the eXtensible Text Framework (XTF). Rebecca Goldsworthy created the homepage banner using images from the collection. The University of Sydney Library provides access to the collection.


Sydney Fish Project (Dr. Sarah Colley)

Digital image banks and other tools have been created to help identify archaeological fish remains and support interpretation of associated ecological, archaeological and historical evidence for fish and fishing in Sydney before and after AD 1788. The archaeological fish-bone images collection is a contribution to the Sydney Fish Project.


Terms of use

The collection supports scholarly research within an educational environment. Visitors to the collection must agree to Terms and conditions of use. When referencing works, the source (Archaeological fish-bone images collection), creator, and copyright should be acknowledged. Commercial use of images is not permitted without the permission of the University of Sydney.


For information about the Sydney Fish Project or to provide feedback or ask questions, contact Dr Sarah Colley. For information about technology providing collection access, contact Sten Christensen.